Upgrade to DoubleCAD XT Pro v6 from DoubleCAD XT 6 Premium


The #1 Alternative to AutoCAD LT

DoubleCAD XT Professional v6 is an ideal choice for users of or familiar with AutoCAD LT, needing an advanced 2D Drafting and Detailing and 3D Viewing and Annotation CAD Alternative.

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The #1 Alternative to AutoCAD LT

DoubleCAD XT Professional v6 stands for Drafting, Detailing, 3D viewing, annotation, and Superior WorkFlow. Works like AutoCAD LT®. But better. It's the CAD of choice for Google™ SketchUp™ users and a great companion to AutoCAD® if you're looking for an extra CAD seat. The better way to create 2D detailed drawings. Contains innovative, powerful features like D-Cubed constraints, automatic drafting detail (associative), a range of parametric architectural objects, and twice as many CAD and graphic file filters as AutoCAD LT® (including .DWG and outstanding .SKP compatibility) all for about half the price. From the makers of award-winning TurboCAD®, with over two million copies sold worldwide.

With so many new, innovative features, DoubleCAD XT Professional v6 is the #1 alternative to the AutoCAD LT you've been looking for:

  • Improved Block/Group Editing - Support snaps for background graphics
  • Improved Format Painter Tool - Ability to use Format Painter to transfer Custom Properties and PSD
  • Improved PNG support - Moved to CxImage engine to support large image export
  • Improved Nudge functionality - Now you can nudge object (currently always on 1 pixel) using the Number Keypad (may require Num Lock to be on depending on keyboard)
  • Construction lines should not delete with the isolation command
  • Keyboard. Showing custom keyboard shortcuts in the local menu.
  • Keyboard options. Report on commands.
  • Block Palette Enhancements - There is a new button in the block palette - "Options".There is a new option "Compensate for the offset of the base point to allow to reset a block's reference point to after using Edit Reference point is used on inserted Block.
  • House Wizard Improvements - House Wizard can be used on different work planes. Rooms on the parallel planes can be aligned relative to each other. Walls are built separately for each work plane.
  • Multiline Text Improvements - UI. Palette is used instead of modeless dialog. Multiline Text in place Editor (similar AutoCAD)

And much more!

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